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Computer Measuring Systems

  • NT 2000 and Novell networks.
  • Car-O-Soft Vision three dimensional diagnostic and repair measuring systems capable within one millimeter accuracy.


Frame Repair Benches

  • Cellete Griffon 2800 Evolution uses factory blue prints and cad drawings to produce a portable fixture bench to achieve a zero tolerance repair.
  • Car-O-Liner MarkSix and MarkFive four point positive anchoring unibody repair platforms.


Welding Equipment

  • Elmatech AG and Invertaspot GT are smart spot welding systems that can determine types and strength of metals then correctly adjust heat and pressure to get a perfect factory spot weld.
  • Car-O Liner medium frequency resistant spot welding system capable of duplicating five and six millimeter factory
  • A multitude of Mig and Aluminum wire feed portable welders.


Estimating Systems

  • CCC Pathways
  • Imaging and Mitchell Ultra Mate
  • Imaging estimating systems.



  • GFS Ultra Plus One is a state of the art down draft climate controlled spray booth designed for the latest water born applications.
  • IRT is an overhead infrared short wave curing systems allows for all substrates surfaces to be cured 100% prior to top coat.
  • Spies Hecker is well on its way to become the 2012 leader in water-based paint systems with its creation of GREANTEC HI-TEC paint materials. Its paint system is OEM approved for superior color matching/quality while leading the way in green tech with 70% less solvents in the environment.


Diverse Tools

  • A multitude of tools to handle all types of metals like, aluminum, mild steel, high strength steel, ultra high strength steel, and advanced high strength steel.